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Our Unique Program For Business Corporates

The success of any business organization is dependent on its customers without them, the company would not be able to function or survive. Therefore, it is essential to not only gain new customers but to also keep the loyalty of current ones. Customer satisfaction should be the top priority for every employee of the organization in order to ensure returning customers and a positive reputation. In today's age, technology has progressed a lot and new products can easily reach the market with better quality. However, it's not just about selling the product - it's about interacting and behaving with customers in mind so that they keep coming back. Organizations that act with their customers' best interests in mind will be the ones that see growth and recognition. It's important to improve communication and constantly gain knowledge in order to retain customers. By doing this, you'll be able to provide them with the best possible experience and keep them coming back for more. When we communicate, there are generally three things that happen.

1. We Exchange words.
2. We use body language and expressions.
3. We use the tone of our voice to
    convey emotions and information.

  Spoken Words (7%)

  Tone of Voice (38%)

  Non Verbal (55%)


It's a 7% word, and the vast majority of what we communicate to others is nonverbal. Every time we interact with customers, our body language and facial expressions convey far more than the words we use. In fact, studies show that 55% of communication is nonverbal, while 38% is conveyed through our tone of voice. Yet most people are unaware of the significance of nonverbal cues and how they can be used to create a favorable impression. At MGLF, we understand that the way we feel is often reflected in our body language, facial expressions, and voice inflections. We believe that by paying closer attention to these things, we can become more mindful of how we're coming across to others. That's why we empower each employee to master the unique art of making people more aware. We also provide customized training to help individuals and brands reach world-class standards. This training includes giving employees the necessary instructions and tools they need to help grow the organization

What You Will Learn:

  • How to maintain body language while talking to someone?
  • How to understand other people's emotions through body language?
  • How to talk to one's emotions?
  • Dos and don'ts and speech patterns!
  • How to arrange words while speaking!
  • Importance of hearing in speech!
  • Things to keep in mind to get people to pay attention to you!
  • Significance of voice variation in speech!
  • How to convey your goals to them without annoying them?
  • How to gain trust and self-relationship through speech?

Extra Syllabus:

  • How to manage personal problems without affecting professional life and solutions?
  • Emotional management!